KevenAnna Shoe Stretcher with Shoe Horn and Carrying Bag

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  • 【Get your shoes perfect fit】This professional shoe stretcher solve shoes too small, squeeze feet, grinding feet and other issues,best used for breaking in your new shoes or loosening up older shoes that are just too tight.Prevent painful blisters and stop wearing shoes that hurt!
  • 【Fit shoes】Pumps, wedges, loafers, oxfords, pointed toe, slippers, sneakers, and tennis shoes and other flat shoes,high heels (<2.36inches).Fits both left and right shoe.
  • 【Fit size】Small:Woman’s Size 3.5–7; Medium:Woman’s Size 8–10, Man’s Size 6.5–8; Large : Woman’s Size 10.5–13.5 , Man’s Size 8.5–13.
  • 【Two-way shoe stretcher】The shoe stretcher stretch your shoes width and length.Enjoy a pain-free shoe experience after using our shoe expander.8 pressure relief pads inserts to stretch targeted areas known to relieve pain associated with blisters, corns or bunions.
  • 【Warranty】We provide two years warranty time.Please note:Please choose the correct size shoe stretcher according the size of your shoes and read our description carefully.



KevenAnna Shoe Stretcher with Shoe Horn and Carrying Bag Stretch Width and Length Pair of Two Way Shoe Tree for Men and Women

Please Note:The shoe stretcher don’t fit boots!!!

Getting away from Painful Shoes!
This pair of shoe stretchers can help you out of this situations!!! You will never suffer from corn or bunion owing to the tightness shoes.
Get more comfortable
The stretchers are used to stretch the width,length of low heel shoes(<2.36inches), flats and other tight-fitting shoes, helping to get rid of bunions, corns, hammertoes.
Fit shoes
The shoe stretcher fit sandals,flats,casual shoes,canvas shoes,sports shoes,high heels (<2.36inches) and peep shoes.
How to use:
a.Insert shoe stretcher into shoe with the back piece facing down.
b.Rotate the knob clockwise,adjust the length.
c.Rotate the hook clockwise,adjust the width.
d.For best result,please keep shoe stretcher in place for at least 24 hours.
e. To remove stretcher, turn handles Counterclockwise.

Package Include:
2x Shoe Stretcher
1x Shoe horn
8x Bunion Plugs
2x Pad high plug
1x carrying bag

27 reviews for KevenAnna Shoe Stretcher with Shoe Horn and Carrying Bag

  1. James Vaughn

    Still have the shoes hanging to stretch them

  2. William Saraceno

    It is well made and sturdy. The price was reasonable and it shipped quickly.

  3. Red Wing Clan

    I work at a Red Wing Shoe store on the east coast of the US. in addition to selling the finest quality leather goods money can buy, redwing also offers lifetime in house cleaning / conditioning and minor repairs – These minor repairs include stretching. When I customer needs their shoes stretched we offer them two options:
    1. Have the shoes sent across the country to Red Wing Minnesota, where the factory is.
    2. Pay for the shoes to be stretched at a local cobbler.

    For the consumer both these options are great, the only problem being that it takes days to weeks to get done. After looking through Amazon one day I came across this product, which I then told the owner of my store about. Mini cobbler tabs and shipping fees later during this Corona panic the owner of my store asked me to go ahead and order a set to save money. Today we stretched our first customers shoes in under 24 hours. I look forward to this product saving are store lots of money in the coming years, which also gives me brownie points with the boss. 👍👍

  4. Dean Mills

    I have nothing to add. Its a shoe stretcher.

  5. Kathleen Bradley

    Great product, nicely packaged. Very happy with this choice. Waiting a bit for complete outcome of stretching, but I have complete faith that it will do the trick on my husband’s shoes!

  6. leigh h stewart

    very functional,adjustable and really can put pressure on the shoe to change shape

  7. Jonathan Hunt

    Great product saved my shoe was about to give away so really saved me money

  8. Thomas Carnahan

    Looking at the design, the lifetime warranty and the enthusiastic approval of the using prior customers, it was a no-brainer to buy your product. Now, after putting it to work, feeling the heft and strength of this shoe stretcher, you have another enthusiastic user. Thank you for producing such a good, useful and reliable product!

  9. Josh Scamahorn

    It’s ok. Shipped fast. Just got it so I don’t know if it will work yet. Wait and see I guess. Just typing at this point to get the free gift.

  10. Robert Sneed

    My only concern is whether the product will last given the pressure it will be under.

  11. William Prieur

    I have a lot of Converse,Vans,Sperry,P.F.Fliers ect. canvas sneakers. when they get wet they will sometimes shrink enough to make them uncomfortable. I have plastic shoe trees for some of them for storage but I needed to order some more. These stretchers are simple to use and does the job I want them to without breaking the bank..

  12. TJ Bentley

    It was a bit difficult to understand how to use at first and there are pieces that i am unsure the use for but it has been useful so fad

  13. Ebony Stephenson

    I love it. The color and the way that it extends to stretch the shoe makes me extremely happy.

  14. Cory Church

    It’s great. I would use it often and tell my friends about it if they had the same issues I did

  15. Charles Bateman

    They work great. I have a wide foot. They are well needed

  16. Cheryl Vaughn

    Just purchased, so it’s hard to review at this time

  17. Tina Tiggs

    Have yet to use it I just opened it

  18. John Olmsted

    The instructions leave a little to be desired. Not sure what the purpose of the large curved plastic piece is for.

  19. David Kenney

    Easy to use. Simple to put together. Fast delivery. I really like it. Great price.

  20. Donald Knox

    Product just arrived today so I haven’t had a chance to evaluate ot’s results.

  21. Stephanie Roth

    The shoe stretchers are sturdy and I love that they have a storage bag. They should work well.

  22. Jorge Luis Morales-Estrella

    Barely used it but seems sturdy

  23. Alejandro Giraldo

    Good product will be using it a lot quality seems good

  24. Mary Falleson

    Just arrived. Great quality and functionality.

  25. zach murdock

    It worked great. I would advise others to buy it. I think its ridiculous you have to enter sixty characters. I don’t really have that much to say. Please change this feature in the future. I hope this ends soon I feel like I’m typing an essay for college. God damn this stupid shit now I am getting pissed.

  26. June D Dunlap

    So far I love it, easy to use and after 12 hours I can already see a big difference.

  27. kevin

    h and Length Pair of Two Way Shoe Tree for Men and Women (Large)

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