KevenAnna Shoe Stretcher with Shoe Horn and Carrying Bag

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  • 【Get your shoes perfect fit】This professional shoe stretcher solve shoes too small, squeeze feet, grinding feet and other issues,best used for breaking in your new shoes or loosening up older shoes that are just too tight.Prevent painful blisters and stop wearing shoes that hurt!
  • 【Fit shoes】Pumps, wedges, loafers, oxfords, pointed toe, slippers, sneakers, and tennis shoes and other flat shoes,high heels (<2.36inches).Fits both left and right shoe.
  • 【Fit size】Small:Woman’s Size 3.5–7; Medium:Woman’s Size 8–10, Man’s Size 6.5–8; Large : Woman’s Size 10.5–13.5 , Man’s Size 8.5–13.
  • 【Two-way shoe stretcher】The shoe stretcher stretch your shoes width and length.Enjoy a pain-free shoe experience after using our shoe expander.8 pressure relief pads inserts to stretch targeted areas known to relieve pain associated with blisters, corns or bunions.
  • 【Warranty】We provide two years warranty time.Please note:Please choose the correct size shoe stretcher according the size of your shoes and read our description carefully.



KevenAnna Shoe Stretcher with Shoe Horn and Carrying Bag Stretch Width and Length Pair of Two Way Shoe Tree for Men and Women

Please Note:The shoe stretcher don’t fit boots!!!

Getting away from Painful Shoes!
This pair of shoe stretchers can help you out of this situations!!! You will never suffer from corn or bunion owing to the tightness shoes.
Get more comfortable
The stretchers are used to stretch the width,length of low heel shoes(<2.36inches), flats and other tight-fitting shoes, helping to get rid of bunions, corns, hammertoes.
Fit shoes
The shoe stretcher fit sandals,flats,casual shoes,canvas shoes,sports shoes,high heels (<2.36inches) and peep shoes.
How to use:
a.Insert shoe stretcher into shoe with the back piece facing down.
b.Rotate the knob clockwise,adjust the length.
c.Rotate the hook clockwise,adjust the width.
d.For best result,please keep shoe stretcher in place for at least 24 hours.
e. To remove stretcher, turn handles Counterclockwise.

Package Include:
2x Shoe Stretcher
1x Shoe horn
8x Bunion Plugs
2x Pad high plug
1x carrying bag

124 reviews for KevenAnna Shoe Stretcher with Shoe Horn and Carrying Bag

  1. ken riemer

    seems to work well, sturdy, simple

  2. Stephen Thompson

    I never knew a shoe stretcher existed. But I’m glad it does. This cool gadget made my life wsuy easier. It’s hard to find wide sized shoes. This helps me have more choices of foot wear.

  3. Thomas Galloway

    I think I will use this on multiple shoes as I have a high arch and have a difficult time slipping my foot far enough into the shoe to get my heel in.

  4. Robert Lampi

    Easy to use . I hope it works on sneakers.

  5. Elaine Adamcewicz

    I’m using it on a pair of sneakers. I wasn’t sure how well it would work, but just using it overnight I can see an improvement. I’m leaving it in longer and screwing it wider hoping for even more stretch

  6. Mike Guerrera

    Great job on shoes that were just a little tight. Easy to use and great results.

  7. Jim Manfredonia

    Seems to work very well. It’s still stretching, but it looks like it’s working. I hope the stretch spray will add.

  8. Lakeana Willoughby

    It still did the job even though I ordered the wrong size stretcher!!

  9. Jefferson Anticona

    This product works really good, it made the front part of my shor wider and now it fits nice and comfy, I will definetily recommend it, worth its price

  10. Mary Gadziala

    My son used these to widen his shoes and they worked well.

  11. Travis Christopher Cleaves

    Plastic feels cheap and brittle

  12. John

    Product feels good and looks good and works well unlike the carrying bag

  13. John M comella

    Great product. This item fits my shoes perfectly. I wear a men sjze 10.5 us.. I would recommend this product to someone else who need a she stretcher

  14. Melissa Salinas

    I like the functionality of this shoe stretcher. It works well.

  15. Alan K Ford

    Product seems well made and functions as advertised with no issues.

  16. Pedro Colon

    I like this product seems very sturdy

  17. Faye Windram

    Works well. I like the design and is very easy to use . I am trying it out for the first time so I will have to see if the shoes stretch enough to be comfortable.

  18. Andy Buhn

    Great product, works great! Using it to stretch my sneakers and new pair f work boots. On my feet all day, need them comfortable1

  19. Joe

    Very good quality. Instructions are clear and concise. I like the product and would recommend the purchase of it

  20. Kathy Holubec

    currently trying it out for the first time

  21. Lillianette Walker

    This helped so much. I am now able to wear my favorite shoes pain free.

  22. Kevin Brown

    Just started using it, so we will see in 24 hours

  23. Jamaal Jones

    I just got it so I can’t really comment on it yet.

  24. Darlice

    i like how useful it is to be able to hang em too!

  25. Thomas Vretis

    Currently stretching a pair of shoes now. Seems to be functioning as described.

  26. Judy Obeldobel

    Easy to use & get to stretch both length & width of shoes as needed.

  27. Justin Gray

    The product is good easy learning help me a ton of my sneakers I have a lot more room to move around with my toes

  28. Brian Franke

    Have not used it long enough yet.

  29. Marie Noujaim

    I’m Excited to try it. Received it recently and would like to start using it soon!

  30. Sonia Sheehan

    Versatile. Was able to use in my husband’s shoes as well as mine.

  31. Mike Dunn

    Seems to work well, trying in a pair of shoes that has always felt too snug on both side’s of each shoe.

  32. Darrell Loo

    It works as described. Haves had any problems with it. It is nice that it comes with a bag to keep all parts together.

  33. William C Thompson

    Appears to be solidly made and should last for multiple stretches. Was delivered quickly after order was placed. Made boot more comfortable to wear after first stretch.

  34. David Proctor

    easy to use and added pieces make more versatile

  35. Mark Wyatt

    Great Value for the product. The shipping was very fast and accurate. Packaging was nice and useful. Easy item to find on Amazon. I just applied the tools today. I will check tomorrow to see how well the product has worked. I am tired of missing good deals on shoes do to being slightly to tight. This product will save me a lot of money.

  36. John Hilt

    Would reccommend it to all my friends. Very usefull.

  37. Ricardo Portillo

    It is just what I needed, easy to use, sturdy, very good quality

  38. Deric Littrell

    Awesome product. Glad I got this, saved me from buying new expensive shoes.

  39. Marc Carmen

    I am looking forward to this working, it took me a while to decide on your brand. Looking forward to the results. I am an ex-dancer and have many toe issues with bad bunions, so I am hoping that your device will allow me to wear the shoes I like. If it works I am telling everyone

  40. Angel Almonte

    Great product. Works as designed. Very easy to use and it’s effective.

  41. Paloma Skau

    It worked perfect for my new sneakers!

  42. Michael Baskerville

    Appears to be a very affective tool to help you reach the desired width & length of those stubborn shoes that fit just a little too tight.

  43. Aaron Ward

    I just got it and trying it out.

  44. Laurie Ann White

    Easy to use. You can really feel the stretch of the shoes when cranking the knobs. Hopefully they work, I just put them in my sneakers, today.

  45. Rodrigue Bello

    It’s wonderful, it works perfectly! Would recommend to everyone

  46. Nicholas Alejandro

    Just got it. Can’t wait to use it!!!

  47. Romayne green

    Great product. Very sturdy design.

  48. Christie Cullen

    While I haven’t used it yet I can see that is a quality product. I amTrying to stretch out a pair of sneakers that are too tight in the toe box . I really appreciated the free gift and the shoe horn will come in handy for my husband with limited mobility issues

  49. Gustavo C Jimenez

    Only have had for a few days , have not yet formed an opinion on it

  50. Joseph Triche

    I just bought it and I am stretching my shoes right now.

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