KevenAnna Shoe Stretcher with Shoe Horn and Carrying Bag

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  • 【Get your shoes perfect fit】This professional shoe stretcher solve shoes too small, squeeze feet, grinding feet and other issues,best used for breaking in your new shoes or loosening up older shoes that are just too tight.Prevent painful blisters and stop wearing shoes that hurt!
  • 【Fit shoes】Pumps, wedges, loafers, oxfords, pointed toe, slippers, sneakers, and tennis shoes and other flat shoes,high heels (<2.36inches).Fits both left and right shoe.
  • 【Fit size】Small:Woman’s Size 3.5–7; Medium:Woman’s Size 8–10, Man’s Size 6.5–8; Large : Woman’s Size 10.5–13.5 , Man’s Size 8.5–13.
  • 【Two-way shoe stretcher】The shoe stretcher stretch your shoes width and length.Enjoy a pain-free shoe experience after using our shoe expander.8 pressure relief pads inserts to stretch targeted areas known to relieve pain associated with blisters, corns or bunions.
  • 【Warranty】We provide two years warranty time.Please note:Please choose the correct size shoe stretcher according the size of your shoes and read our description carefully.



KevenAnna Shoe Stretcher with Shoe Horn and Carrying Bag Stretch Width and Length Pair of Two Way Shoe Tree for Men and Women

Please Note:The shoe stretcher don’t fit boots!!!

Getting away from Painful Shoes!
This pair of shoe stretchers can help you out of this situations!!! You will never suffer from corn or bunion owing to the tightness shoes.
Get more comfortable
The stretchers are used to stretch the width,length of low heel shoes(<2.36inches), flats and other tight-fitting shoes, helping to get rid of bunions, corns, hammertoes.
Fit shoes
The shoe stretcher fit sandals,flats,casual shoes,canvas shoes,sports shoes,high heels (<2.36inches) and peep shoes.
How to use:
a.Insert shoe stretcher into shoe with the back piece facing down.
b.Rotate the knob clockwise,adjust the length.
c.Rotate the hook clockwise,adjust the width.
d.For best result,please keep shoe stretcher in place for at least 24 hours.
e. To remove stretcher, turn handles Counterclockwise.

Package Include:
2x Shoe Stretcher
1x Shoe horn
8x Bunion Plugs
2x Pad high plug
1x carrying bag

336 reviews for KevenAnna Shoe Stretcher with Shoe Horn and Carrying Bag

  1. Beverly Curry

    worked as advertised. i liked that it had a very good warranty

  2. Shawn Donahue

    It was very easy to use. Have not used it long enough to know if it works yet.

  3. Afroz Rehman

    Amazing product using for all tight shoes

  4. Jackie Cooper

    I absolutely love it! I needed to stretch a pair of pointy toe flats and it did the job! Love them.

  5. Tiffiney Carter

    I didn’t realize you can change size

  6. stephen gillen

    Product seems eye strong.i used one before on work shoes.I would say with in one full days the boots at toe end expanded le wanted. So now when put them on they fit perfect.

  7. Gary McNeil

    Great product good made great customer service and great service from here

  8. Frederico Cota

    So far its good. Waiting 24 hours to see the result. Easy to use product.

  9. Stephen Smith

    Seems sturdy. Price was good. Already used it to stretch two pairs of shoes with good results. Seems to be worth the price I paid.

  10. Lawrence Stone

    It works fairly well. I am concerned that the plastic screw parts will not hold up two continued usage.

  11. Recai Odabasi

    It is a very easy-to-use item and effective as well. I love it.

  12. Danielle Davis

    Super easy to use. Love the features, including the attachments for extra toe room. Even though they are made from plastic, they feel substantial in weight.

  13. Gary Dempsey

    ive just started using it but so far so good

  14. Bobby Boyge

    This product works very well. My shoes fit better.

  15. Richard Mason

    I was skeptical especially after receiving the product and seeing all the plastic. But for the price, I decided to give it s shot. It turned out to be fantastic! The plastic parts held up very well and the design was exceptional. I stretched a pair of tennis shoes that were killing my feet. They are now incredibly comforts.

  16. William Miller

    This has surpassed my expectations. I was skeptical it would work for me, given that I needed to stretch shoes ranging from size 13 to 14 mens US, but this device works perfectly. Easy to use, after using it on two new pairs of shoes, I’m excited to try it on all the shoes I put in the back of my closet because of hot spots.

  17. Justin B Johnson

    Easy to use, affordable price, and it works.

  18. Frenciene sawyer

    I just got the item so I can’t say if I like it or not or if it works

  19. Merry Potter

    Actually just got the product in the mail. It’s for my husband who has old worn out feet. He complains every pair of shoes he ever gets hurts his big toe. I’m actually tired of him not wearing perfectly good shoes!

  20. kevin

    us know your comment about the produc us know your comment about the produc us know your comment about the produc us know your comment about the produc

  21. Angelo Rosario

    Strong product. Not junk. Thank you.

  22. Thomas AInscough

    This item is very well made.. I tried it on a pair of boat shoes that were a little too tight and it worked perfectly overnight.

  23. Daniel P. Schuering

    Clever design, well made, clear instructions, easy to use, good results.

  24. Cathelina Velasquez

    So far so good I’ve only used it once but it seems to be working on my work boots that tend to shrink in water.

  25. Derek Jokelson

    It is nice. I used it on one pair of shoes and am trying it in a second.

  26. Jordan Walker

    The stretcher broke after using it once.

  27. Bryant Shipp

    This is awesome! I will buy again for a friend

  28. Hafid Amghar

    Great merchandise and easy to use.

  29. Deena Happel

    This shoe stretcher is a sturdier construction than my old wood one. Use is very easy, no questions there!. Parts pull well together, no having to wiggle things around to use it. I had both pairs of shoes stretching in about5 minutes.

  30. Inna bass

    I love it and I would recommend it it to all my friends and family

  31. Daisy Garrett

    I love the quality opened right away and currently using it very sturdy and amazing

  32. Wayne A. Priebe

    I’ve been using these stretchers for just over a year. One of them just broke!! I will be contacting your customer service to see if warranty is offered.

  33. Peggy Bond

    Just received but so far it seems like a good product. I will share with others.

  34. Roselle Marra

    It’s easy to use I would recommend it

  35. Christine D Valencia

    Tried another brand, they broke first day I had them, also yours are more sturdy and seem way stronger and just better overall.

  36. Mustafa Kammar

    Helped stretch my shoes and made them more comfy to walk with , I have a flat foot and usually struggle finding the right size

  37. Julian Orozco

    We just started using it today. So far it’s a good product

  38. Daniel Rookaird

    Product is very sturdy and easy to use looking forward to using it in the future for future shoot purchases

  39. Kathi Roloson

    I was very impressed with the packaging once I open them and inserted them in the shoes which I needed to stretch was very self-explanatory and really seemed to do the trick. Especially with the expander. These are very easy to use and very effective

  40. Rosemary Reyes

    just got it haven’t tried it yet

  41. Salvatore Cutino

    I’ve used the product twice now on the same pair and not much difference is noted in comfort

  42. Theresa Kimler

    This product is well built and durable. The size large was used for men’s size 11 shoe to stretch the toe box area. In just 24 hours it stretch the shoes perfectly.

  43. Joe Emery

    a good product that will last a long life time and work as intended if it is cared for properly

  44. Vanessa Montoya

    I like the product because my feet are very wide and most shoes do not come wide enough. The shoe stretcher helps a lot. I like it.

  45. Darrell Branch

    Just received this today. It looks easy to use. Will be able to give a thorough review in a couple of days.

  46. Jacqueline Bagley

    Im a better special case. I have lupus and it affects my right side of my whole body with lots of swelling.. Even with buying double wide shoes it sometimes is not enough and to wide for my other foot. I have used this on 2 pairs of shoes. One new and a pair I’ve worn for sometime. It work wonderfully . I’m now using it on a pair of my granddaughter shoes. She saw what I was doing. All I can say it’s a game changer for me. Very easy to use thank you

  47. Dioana Gayle

    I just received it. Hoping it stretches nicely so I can comfortably wear my shoes

  48. William Bostwick

    Works great! I put it in a pair of shoes I couldn’t get on my feet. Twenty-four hours later, magic. They fit beautifully.

  49. Tom Badolato

    Used it the very first day! Love it…

  50. Nikola Vlaovic

    I have leather jordan 4 it didn’t do that much of a good job, i hope it will be better with spray.

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