KevenAnna Shoe Stretcher with Horn Boot Shaper Stands

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  • 【FIT SHOES】Fits both left and right shoe.Fit for flats, pumps, wedges, loafers, oxfords, pointed toe, slippers, sneakers,tennis shoes,high heels (<2.36inches). The Shoe Tree transforms any pair of shoes into perfectly fitting, comfortable shoes.
  • 【2-WAY STRETCHER】Efficiently Stretches Length & Width of Shoes!Best used for breaking in your new shoes or loosening up older shoes that are just too tight.
  • 【ERGONOMICALLY DESIGNED】The compact design is shaped like a foot and can reach tight fitting areas. Each pair includes 8 pressure relief pads inserts to stretch targeted areas known to relieve pain associated with blisters, corns or bunions.The boots shaper stands keep your boots upright,the shoe horn help you put on shoes easily.
  • 【GET THE PERFECT FIT】Stretch your Shoes into the Perfect Fit for your foot with this Premium Professional Shoe Stretcher used by the experts.
  • 【WARRANTY】We provide two year warranty time.If you have any question please contact with us.


342 reviews for KevenAnna Shoe Stretcher with Horn Boot Shaper Stands

  1. Danielle Fitzgerald

    It came in very nice packaging and even included a free shoe horn! Very easy to use straight out of the box. It seems like it will be just what I’m looking for to stretch my sandals and make them more comfortable!

  2. Yessenia Muro

    I’ve only had this product for less than 10days so I really can’t say much. I will update once I really get to use it and see the results.

  3. Susan Fenenbock

    I tried on a pair of shoes that gave me terrible blisters. The show stretcher work and now trying to stretch a second pair of shoes.

  4. Pamela Beach

    easy to use, super fast shipping, I like all the accessories that came with it.

  5. Alba Karuni

    This item arrived quickly and was fairly easy to use. I bought to stretch out a pair of roller skates because they were very stiff on the sides. It fits well in most shoes, comes with some accessories, and all for a great price.

  6. Joyce Masuda

    Looks simple. I’m trying it for the first time.

  7. Andrea Van Atta

    Just received this, so we will see how it works in the next few days. Very easy to use

  8. Britni daman

    It’s great and I really enjoy it. Would

  9. Laura Young

    It is a nice product for a fair price that has good reviews. I think it will work for what I need.

  10. peggy hughes

    so far I well tell everyone I know that needs their shoes streach to get one reasonly price and works good

  11. Cassandra Ditchfield

    It is well made and works. I had a pair of shoes that did not fit and I needed to stretch them out and this product worked great! Now I can wear my shoes in comfort.

  12. Deborah Davis

    I like the colors and the dust bag. I plan to get a lot of good use out of this product.

  13. Barbara D Sigut

    Easy to use, seems to work well so far

  14. Denise McNamee

    I just received my shoe stretcher in the mail and I immediately put it in a pair of shoes that I thought that I would have to get rid of because they didn’t fit the way I was hoping and if I wore them I knew that I would be miserable and I would end up with blisters. I followed the instructions and I will see how it works out or if I need to leave them in the stretcher for a longer period of time.

  15. Sharonda Smith

    I love it!!! It’s better than the wood shoe stretchers. Definitely will recommend to a friend.

  16. Debbie West

    Works well, heavy duty. Made my shoes fit much better

  17. Nora Ledesma

    Toke a couple tries to figure it out, but got it. Seems to be working.

  18. Rose Hue

    So far I am pleased with how it is working on a size 9 & 1/2 woman’s shoe. For a size 10 shoe, I believe a bigger size of the Shoe Stretcher would be needed.

  19. Amy Farren

    Seems good haven’t used it yet

  20. Norma Newell

    I found this product to be very easy to use. The buttons were easy to get in the right place for my tender spots.

  21. Yeisel Rodriguez

    I bought this product looking for a good price and good ratings.

  22. Andrea Jorden

    I literally just received the product (less than one hour), not able to give a detailed comment yet

  23. Tiffany Patterson

    I just received it today and the quality looks very good.

  24. Cindy Flournoy

    Easy to use and works great! Would definitely recommend this product to others.

  25. Alexis Brown

    I love it! It is just what I needed to stretch a few pairs of shoes I already own and now I can buy so many more!

  26. Olga Corredor

    I have used the basic wood ones and end up breaking within a short period of time… these look very well made an sturdy

  27. Joanne Ladden

    Haven’t used it for long yet and just trying to figure out what all the extra pieces are for.

  28. Lachandra Smith

    Still trying to figure it out but made durable.

  29. Julio Aguirre

    Good design I used on my daughter sneakers and see the difference almost immediately

  30. Tonya Perry

    Extremely likely I like the way is stretch my shoes.

  31. Laura Cassandra Martinez

    I have alot of problems with my feet. Im extremely looking forward to seeing how this product helps me with my feet and shoes

  32. Loretta Real Umphers

    It seems to be a good product it is heavy weight just tried it in my shoes need to wait & see if it helped my shoes.

  33. Ameenah Wright

    I just got it so I hope it works.

  34. Heather Solomon

    Easy to use and store. A lot of extras. Good strong quality.

  35. Jacquelyne Afian

    I only used it on one pair of shoes so far but I think it got the job done as much as it could. I really like it and plan on using it on other shoes in the future


    so far so good, It has stretched the shoe a bit but I need to continue to use it more

  37. Shiela Ferry

    Just got my product and using it for the first time today!

  38. Lisa Love

    So far so good! It’s easy to use and seems to work. I can’t wait to try it on some more pairs of shoes.

  39. Stella M. West

    just received your products. the products seem to be steady & strong. I think the products will do what it’s suppose to do.

  40. Kristie Collins

    I just got it so I’m excited to try it

  41. Jennifer Matteo

    I’ve only tried it in one pair and it got it so the back doesn’t dig. Worked well. The storage bag could be stronger for the weight of the products.

  42. Susan Uehara

    I just got this it’s working good so far.

  43. Angelica Arguello

    I am really enjoying my product for my shoes.

  44. Elizabeth A Miller

    I have a lot of beautiful high heels and boots that I could only wear for a short amount of time before they were killing my toes because I have small feet but wide toe spand. Now I can wear them all day and they dont hurt my feet. I love this product.

  45. Carla De los rios

    It seems like a good product. I need to try it for a longer time

  46. Krystal Brown

    I just received the product but directions were clear and it seemed pretty easy to use

  47. Meyling Ong

    This my 1st time opening the package n using it , so I’m not sure how to review it yet cause I haven’t see the result.

  48. Karema Sallam

    It doesnt look great and is a little difficult to adjust during use. I look forward to the results it has

  49. Helina Moreau

    Love it need it to make more room to fit in my boot cause they was way too tight and was hurting my baby toe.

  50. kevin

    Shoe Stretcher with Shoe Horn Boot Shaper Stands and Carrying Bag

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