KevenAnna UpgradeVersion Shoe Stretcher Professional Shoe Trees Stretch Width Length for Men Women

(109 customer reviews)
  • 【TWO WAY STRETCHER】The shoe stretcher stretch width and length,it can stretch width or length alone. The Shoe Tree transforms any pair of shoes into perfectly fitting, comfortable shoes.
  • 【AVAILABLE FOR】Fit size: Small: Woman’s Size 3.5–7 Medium: Woman’s Size 8–9.5 , Man’s Size 6.5–8 Large : Woman’s Size 10–13.5 , Man’s Size 8.5–12
  • 【PRESSURE POINT RELIEF】These wooden Shoe stretcher have 12 Holes for Pressure Point Relief.Plugs inserts to stretch targeted areas known to relieve pain associated with blisters, corns or bunions.
  • 【EFFECTIVE】These Two Way Shoe Stretcher Men are tested effective for Hundreds of Times.
  • 【NOTE】Please choose the correct size shoe stretcher according the size of your shoes and read our description carefully.



***KevenAnna Shoe Stretcher with Carrying Bag Pair of Premium Professional 2-way Wooden Shoe Trees ***

-The Shoe stretcher transforms any pair of shoes into perfectly fitting, comfortable shoes.
-Don’t spend weeks breaking in new shoes! With these shoe stretcher, your shoes can be stretched both in width and length.
-The front and back section are made of highly polished beech wood, these outstanding Shoe Stretcher can be used for years to come.
-For the highest class of Women Shoe Stretcher, try the KevenAnna Premium Professional Two Way Shoe Stretcher today!


Your New Two-Way Shoe Stretcher Enables You to STRETHCH Both the Length & Width of a left or right shoe.
For Spot Stretching, simply insert any of the removable ‘Bunion & Corn’ Plugs in the appropriate holes where relief is required.

Turn plastic handle Clockwise to adjust length.
Continue to turn plastic handle Clockwise until you begin to see surface pressure showing on the shoe. DO NOT OVERSTRETCH!
Turn metal looped handle in a Clockwise direction until you begin to see surface pressure showing on the shoe. DO NOT OVERSTRETCH!

FOR BESE RESULTS, leave Stretcher in place for at least 24 hours. To REMOVE Stretcher, turn handles Counterclockwise.


Small : Woman’s Size 3.5–7
Medium: Woman’s Size 8–9.5 , Man’s Size 6.5–8
Large : Woman’s Size 10–13.5 , Man’s Size 8.5–12

Package Includes: 2pcs KevenAnna Shoe Stretcher.
1pcs carrying bag
8pcs plugs

109 reviews for KevenAnna UpgradeVersion Shoe Stretcher Professional Shoe Trees Stretch Width Length for Men Women

  1. Victoria C Hicks

    Its so well made and great price I am happy with the product and how it is working to stretch my docs! I always have to break them in and this has helped a ton

  2. Sue Winesburgh

    It is exactly what I needed. I like the extra ways to stretch certain points. The quality is good as are the instructions that came with the product.

  3. Ann Baldwin

    The product looks as described but I haven’t used it yet

  4. Mikayla Sanchez

    Seems to do the job and for the price it is amazing. Looks sturdy enough as long as I am careful not to overstretch or put strain on the plastic threads

  5. Marsha Niederman

    I like where the stretching plugs are placed. Used it once on an old pair of shoes and have it in a new pair of shoes now hoping it will make them wearable.

  6. Priscilla Santos

    It looks like it is working good (still have them in my first pair). However the pine wood has chipped/broken as I cranked the lever to make the width expand.

  7. William Reynolds

    Nice wood design seems strong overall this seems much better than plastic ones

  8. Michelle urso

    Seems to work as described, east to turn. Bunion buttons could use another larger size

  9. J White

    I like it because it’s wood, easy to work, easy to put the pressure point buttons on.

  10. Karly Furlow

    I like blog

  11. Sammie Alejo

    I like blog

  12. Kaz Okuma

    I haven’t used them long enough to have any opinion.

  13. Santo Haufler

    How do I start a website that costs me nothing at all?

  14. Deborah

    It’s too soon to give an opinion on the product.

  15. Kremena Borisova

    perfect product. functional and easy to use. I love it

  16. Mia White

    Missing one set of black inserts

  17. Kate Haibach

    Seems like it’ll work like I want it to, but I’m going slowly and trying to follow the instructions.

  18. Barrie Buswell


  19. Nga Batten

    complete post

  20. Marshell Knighten

    It is doing its job! I bought it for my mother and she is happy to be able to wear the shoes she is having problems with soon.

  21. Trent Hugill

    i like this very appropriate post

  22. Annie Tseng

    Don’t know it. Just got it……….

  23. Esther nunes

    It worked great and was easy to figure out. I haven’t tried the length stretch function but width worked great

  24. Joanne Wunsch

    Haven’t noticed much difference yet in my boots, hoping the spray will help

  25. Yi Li

    The product design and materials are great. Product quality control could be improved. The split in the wood is not even (for both, after splitting right side is wider than left).

  26. Marilyn Edwards

    This was the only shoe stretcher I could find for a women’s size 4 and it works great! I followed the instructions which were clear and easy to do and 24 hours later I had enough room to wear my thick winter socks with my athletic shoes. I definitely recommend this product especially for women with smaller feet.

  27. Joy Millikan

    Very nice product. I like the ability to stretch the sides by screwing the crank. I also like the pieces you can add to stretch various places in the shoe. And love that it’s wooden and not plastic.

  28. Jennifer M McIntyre

    Very simple and very easy to use. Love the smell of wood. Fits perfectly inside of shoes

  29. JoAnne Naddeo

    Good product design. I will look forward to using thos product for years to come

  30. Debra Scott

    Very sturdy (love the wood!) and easy to use. Stretched a pair of too small booties and now they fit sooo comfortably. Very pleased with this item, thanks so much Kevanna!

  31. Jennifer derush

    Its okkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkklllkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkklklkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk

  32. Dawn Meiners

    Love this product. So easy to use and works wonderfully.


    The idea of stretching my shoes as I have bunions really bad. Had it for less than a day. I hope that it does the trick for me

  34. Janae L Pettit

    It’s a good product for the price! I’m using it the first time now and so far it works as needed.

  35. Sharlene Kirk

    I just got it today and have put it use. I will see tomorrow how it turns out.

  36. Nancy Tedesco

    I just received them so my review will be short. I was very impressed with the quality & they are in my shoes at this moment. They are very easy to use & I would definitely , at this point, recommend them. My husband said they are well made & sturdy.

  37. Valeria Diaz Acosta

    I am very happy with this product, I have a pair of leather shoes since 5 years but my feet tends to swell, and is impossible to me to use them, I have used your product for 2 days and now my feet go into my shoes, thanks !

  38. Tameka C Norton

    I was looking for good quality product and I found it.

  39. Yasmin Miranda

    I just started using the shoe stretcher. So far, it is easy to use. I will know in 24 hours if it serves its purpose.

  40. Mark Bean

    The wife is currently using it on her shoes. So far so good.

  41. john schostalo

    To early to offer comments regarding quality of this product

  42. Edith Gonzalez

    Nice wooden construction, should do the job

  43. Thuong Pham

    I tried once and it good sofar

  44. Bency Thomas

    Just inserted, don’t know yet and will gladly let you know 24 hours after it ya been inserted

  45. Jennifer

    Fits my shoes great. Would be even better if the heel part was a little taller.

  46. Faye Pugh

    I I was searching for a wood stretcher that would also stretch pressure points in my shoes. Perfect world there would have been more plastic nodes to stretch those areas which is the only reason I didn’t rate this a 10

  47. Gunay Rzayeva

    Have received it just today and will leave detailed review once tested it.

  48. Teresa Bolton

    It’s what I was looking for. The quality is very good. The price was reasonable for the quality.

  49. David Johnson

    As an old shoe dog I prefer wooden stretchers.

  50. kevin

    Wooden Shoe Trees, Wooden Shoe Stretcher for Men or Women (Small)

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