KevenAnna Women High Heel Shoe Stretcher Pink Professional 4-Way Adjustable Shoe Trees Adjustable Length and Width Durable Shoe Shaper for Women’s US Size 4.5 – 9.5

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  • 【4-WAYS ADJUSTABLE】Ours include 8 Bunion plugs for pressure point relief & 2 Heighten pads for stretching specific areas,particularly tight spots.They provide 4-way stretching: Stretch width to widen shoe;Stretch length to increase shoe size;Expand bunion areas;Raise shoe instep or vamp.
  • 【COMFORTABLE】Being applied with shoe extender, your shoes become roomy and comfortable.
    The shoe enlarger will save your wide feet many blisters and pains.can also be used as shoe shaper&shoe keeper to maintain shoes in a good shape.will convince you that how quickly you could get new shoes hit the road.
  • 【PROFESSIONAL DESIGN & HIGH QUALITY】adjustable shoe stretcher won’t crack,chip,break sturdy & rustproof.Equipped with heavy duty metal shaft,handle & screws. The workmanship is very excellent, it won’t cause any hurt to your hand nor your shoes. ONLY CHOICE for Women who love to wear high heels.
  • 【EASY TO USE】Women’s Shoe Stretchers can help with many foot problems/pain caused by tight shoes. Just insert the shoe stretcher into the shoes,then turn the knob clockwise to begin stretching the shoe,Insert the heightening pads to adjust the shoe vamp.keep shoe stretchers for 12-24hrs or overnight.
  • 【WARRANTY】We offer 12 Month Guarantee for this high heel shoe trees,if you have any questions,feel free to contact us.Shoe Stretcher Transform tight shoes into perfectly fitting comfortable shoes Prevent painful blisters and stop wearing high heel shoe stretcher that hurt.


Getting away from Painful Shoes
Have you ever met these situations like: you bought your beloved shoes from the stores or the internet, but they can never fit correctly.
But what we get is a pair of hurt feet after putting them on.
This pair of shoe stretchers can help you out of this situations! You will never suffer from corn or bunion owing to the tightness shoes!
Our shoe expander is made of premium plastic and metal material, along with 8 pressure relief plugs and 2 height pads that target tight or painful areas caused by blisters, corns, or bunions.

Advantages of our products!
This one stretchers widen shoes so you can wear the shoes without hurting.
This one stretcher will increase shoes size up so you can wear them with no blisters.
The heighten pads will hope to raise the instep area and add the toe room.
The bunion plugs will add extra stretch to the target specific points.
The shoe stretcher makes shoes become more comfortable.
The shoe stretcher makes shoes keeping their good shape.

How to Use:
1.Insert shoe stretcher into shoe with the back piece facing down.Hold the handle and turn clockwise.
2.Length Stretch: turn the “Wheel-Shaped” handle in clockwise direction until you begin to see surface pressure showing on high heel shoes.
3.Width Stretch: turn the “L-Shaped”metal crank handle in clockwise direction until you begin to see surface pressure showing on high heel shoes.
4. For best result,please keep shoe stretcher in place for at least 12- 24 hours To remove stretcher, turn handles Counterclockwise.
Accessories included:
Shoe Stretchers x 2
Bunion Plugs x 8
Heighten Pads x 2
Shoe Horn x 1
Carrying Bag x 1
Instruction x 1
Attention: DO NOT overstretch your shoes!

130 reviews for KevenAnna Women High Heel Shoe Stretcher Pink Professional 4-Way Adjustable Shoe Trees Adjustable Length and Width Durable Shoe Shaper for Women’s US Size 4.5 – 9.5

  1. Vanessa Colvett

    Great product need to use still but it had excellent reviews on Amazon and I trust it will stretch my heels/shoes out perfectly! I pray! Especially with the free gift show stretcher item you are sending me, I especially like the product and believe it will work even better now once the show stretch spray arrives! Thanks so much! 🙂 happy customer;)

  2. Jennifer Tarver

    I bought these to replace my current shoe stretchers and they have made a huge difference! I wear a 7.5 and these fit perfectly, now I don’t have to return my $70 shoes that I love!

  3. Simone Ragab

    I am currently still testing this product

  4. KayLynn Rehberger

    Easy to put together and seems to work great!

  5. Monica Blankenship

    Easy to use. Shipped fast. Heavy duty, good product.

  6. Sarah Owen

    I have just put it in my shoes. Hope it works!

  7. Amber hill

    I like the product but It may be too high arched.

  8. Swathi

    Good so far. I will have to use it more to know how long it lasts. But I’m excited that it came with a life long Garu tee. That’s awesome

  9. Miriam White

    I love the ease of use and it fits a lot better in my heels than my other brands

  10. Valeriy Safanov

    I have a lot of shoes I cannot fit anymore. With this one they are giving a second chance

  11. Stephanie Peacock

    I just received my shoe trees. I put them into my first set of shoes, and they were fairly easy to figure out. I am not sure what the long pink thing with the heart on the end (and little wing things on the sides?) is. I would appreciate being told, and possibly shown in a video?

  12. Cheryl Martin

    I like it so far as time goes on I’m sure I’ll even be more happy with it !

  13. Rosalyn Hisle

    I’m very impressed. You can’t get better the LIFETIME WARRANTY!

  14. Megen Campbell

    I like that this is shaped for high heels. I have used other stretchers and these seem to be as good if not better quality.

  15. Lucy Arteaga

    I love the product so far it works very well the only thing is that it made a very sharp line dent on the front of my shoe sole. Where the two halves separate it just created a very deep crease in the shoe. So for future references I might have to try to put something to protect the shoe

  16. Kristina Castro

    Convenient way to stretch shoes

  17. Julie Sentkowski

    Works well with the shoes I bought it for

  18. Keiara Cunningham

    So far its working for me i will recommend to anyone thats trying to Stretch heels

  19. Katila Smith

    This is an amazing product! I am very impressed with the quality, durability, and versatility. I have been able to use this successfully on several different styles of shoes. It has done well with stretching the width and length of my shoes. Prior to stretching my shoes they were far too tight for me to wear for more than 30 minutes at a time. Now, I can wear them normally. I would highly recommend this product to anyone!

  20. Lakeysha Edgar

    The product works great. The design is great and I love that it comes with a storage case to

  21. Jane canals

    This product is great for stretching my Louboutins!
    Definitely recommend

  22. Suzie Su

    They worked like magic. We slowly tightened the control knob and after a day they fit her perfectly again. If you need to stretch back out a pair of heels these are for you. Got a bunion that hurts…no problem. These puppies come with plugs that can be inserted into the receptor holes right where you need the heel stretched for comfort. Way better than buying all new heels for my budget.

  23. Domonique Gibson

    Only got it 1 day ago don’t really know if it works I’ll will you know at a later date

  24. Eva Rangel

    Just started using this product and seen to love it so far

  25. Nikki Wade

    Just purchased, haven’t use yet. Looking forward to seeing if it works as advertised.

  26. Zsuzsa Fay

    I love, that it is fourmulated to be used with high heel shoes. I love its colour too 😍 Long time shoe issues are expected to be solved.

  27. Thaismary Morales

    According to the reviews, it is great for heels.

  28. Nakaya Reed

    Used it to stretch my So Kate Louboutin’s loved they way it included the pressure release plugs that was literally the best part.

  29. Toan Pham

    It looks good so far! I have high hopes!

  30. Mauricia Torres

    It’s saving me money and letting me keep the shoes I like. I’m so happy there is a shoe stretcher for high heeled shoes

  31. Arminda Milligan

    I’ve been wanting to buy a shoe stretcher and researched plastic vs wood. The wood ones didn’t get much better reviews than the plastic ones so I opted for the plastic which is at a much better price point. This set looks sturdy enough for my needs and seems like it will last long enough.

  32. Lan Cheng

    Just started using it and don’t see the results yet so I can’t say too much yet.

  33. Jeff Fuller

    I bought my wife Christian Louboutin So Kate shoes for Christmas. Her left foot fit into the shoe fine but she could not even get the right shoe on (combination of wider foot and narrower shoe). After quite a bit of research, I came across your product with great reviews and testimonials from users that stretched the same shoe.
    This product saved the day! It is lightweight but durable and allows you to stretch only the toe box without stretching the heel (shoe length). It is also nice that the sole switch has a hook at the end to hang the stretcher with the shoe on the closet rod. This is great, well designed, and economical product.

  34. Dina Hanna

    Not yet used so i cant leave feedback right now

  35. Pearl Waldman

    Haven’t given it enough time yet to be certain of effectiveness

  36. Rayshawna Bennett

    Good for pumps. Gives relief on feet. For years I’ve been looking for a pump shoe stretcher

  37. Patrice Baxter

    I need to try these on some mon fabric shoes or leather shoes. I also with there was a suggested use in the box

  38. Leslie Puskas

    Very excited for these! My fluevogs didnt come in half size so i have been investing in moleskin & bandaids

  39. geneiva bastian

    very easy to use… needed these to stretch wedding day shoes….length and width has been stretch to accommodate my feet say goodbye to corns…. great if you have wide feet like me

  40. Mose From

    i love this immaculate post

  41. Alvaro Bakemeier


  42. Maritza Urgiles

    Very easy to use, so far i had it 4 days in stretching my shoes and it seems to be working .

  43. Alonzia Downing

    Just got it. Have not used it yet

  44. Simmone Price

    Very nice product, bu tg will see it’s durability over time.

  45. Kadona Laver

    Great product. No issues. Easy to use

  46. Traci Borden

    Excited to see/feel the results!

  47. Evan helseth

    I really haven’t had it long enough to get a good judgment on whether it works but it seems to work well. I’m sure with some fine adjustments and time it will work great.

  48. Hoang My Nguyen

    I love that it’s stretching out my heels! Does what it’s supposed to do. Easy set up.

  49. Shannon Tipton

    I love that I found a high heel
    Stretcher. I really like the price and function of this product

  50. vannessa

    i’m excited to see how well this product works – my shoes already have improved in fit!

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