KevenAnna Shoe Stretcher with Horn Boot Shaper Stands

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  • 【FIT SHOES】Fits both left and right shoe.Fit for flats, pumps, wedges, loafers, oxfords, pointed toe, slippers, sneakers,tennis shoes,high heels (<2.36inches). The Shoe Tree transforms any pair of shoes into perfectly fitting, comfortable shoes.
  • 【2-WAY STRETCHER】Efficiently Stretches Length & Width of Shoes!Best used for breaking in your new shoes or loosening up older shoes that are just too tight.
  • 【ERGONOMICALLY DESIGNED】The compact design is shaped like a foot and can reach tight fitting areas. Each pair includes 8 pressure relief pads inserts to stretch targeted areas known to relieve pain associated with blisters, corns or bunions.The boots shaper stands keep your boots upright,the shoe horn help you put on shoes easily.
  • 【GET THE PERFECT FIT】Stretch your Shoes into the Perfect Fit for your foot with this Premium Professional Shoe Stretcher used by the experts.
  • 【WARRANTY】We provide two year warranty time.If you have any question please contact with us.


238 reviews for KevenAnna Shoe Stretcher with Horn Boot Shaper Stands

  1. Kristen Kasilowski

    This shoe strecher works great and is super cute. The price is just right and it shipped super quickely.

  2. Dwanda Moore

    This is a well constructed product. I was able to stretch my shoes with no problem. I that it came with a shoehorn and storage bag. Also, the color pink is awesome!!!

  3. Jessie Lim

    Product arrived within a day. Instructions were clear and simple to follow. Just started to stretch shoe, so the jury is still out on the result.

  4. Asuka Arai

    I wanted to get a manual book.

  5. Valeska Carvalho

    The product is amazing and exceeded my expectations. It really works

  6. Leslie Toy

    Good helpful accessories. Seems sturdy enough for minor stretching. Cant wait to test it out!

  7. Leslie Morris

    I picked it for the color and the heart at the end. I am hoping to relieve bunion pain. That’s all.

  8. Angel McKenzie

    A++. Product is great do far. Great investment

  9. Kathy Davis

    Product is very easy to use. Haven’t had time to see if it works or not.

  10. Alma Pahua

    the product works amazing and i would definitely recommend to anyone looking for a shoe stretcher!

  11. Wendy Bernowitz

    Did not stretch as much as I had hoped will repeat process

  12. Amber lay

    While I am still learning to use it I like this product greatly. In less than a week I am able to get into non-returnable shoes that I otherwise would not have. I am looking forward to seeing how the spray compliments this process.

  13. Shannon Collins

    No comment. I have only used it once…and I don’t know if it works yet. Still waiting.

  14. Sandra Aldridge

    Used twice and it great. It’s easy to use even with arthritic I had worried about that but it works with you and twisting it is smooth and easy.

  15. Heidi Schulke

    Just started and I don’t know yet but, it looks like it will work great and I am hopeful and excited! Cute design and great additions.

  16. Sherry L. Gray

    It’s a great package and has everything I was looking for in the shoe stretching aspect. I look forward to using it on both dress shoes and sandles.

  17. Erica Robb

    I am particularly fond of the cute heart design and the bunion attachments.

  18. Regina Joseph

    So, Far, It’s GREAT! I just received my product!

  19. Caitlin Randall

    Exactly what I needed. I had some heels that I loved but were so uncomfortable due to a too-tight toe strap. This fixed the problem!

  20. Daphne Madison

    Just opened the product. Have not had the chance to see if it really works. More instructions are needed also using larger print. However, the insert gave the option to choose a free gift. This site choose the gift for me. Not a good business practice to advertise one thing and do something else.

  21. Andrea tanchevski

    This product is really awesome. Being able to stretch shoes to different sizes is really great.


    I’m using it for my grandaughter’s sparkly Trish Scully Princess shoes that fit tight in the toe area and are giving her blisters. So far it seems to be working really well and has increased her shoes by at least one whole size. I am already onto stretching the second pair. Would highly recommend this product..

  23. Laura Barrientos

    Easy to use and does the job, feels sturdy

  24. Lindsay vigil

    I love the pink version it’s really cute esp the heart shaped handle.

  25. Sherry Alford

    Great product will order again

  26. Kimberley Anderson

    Seems like it’s perfect for those shoes that are just a tad too tight

  27. Patricia Santanicola

    I recently hag cancer surgery on my right foot. This product is going to be very helpful, because my shoes will have to a little larger on the right .

  28. Fayann Reid

    U just order this and I Love this product I will try

  29. Amy Kleinschmit

    I’m stretching a shoe but I cannot complete the offered selecting of the free product.. The $15 amazon gift card is not an option anymore, unlike what the included printed instructions say, but now I’m posting a 3rd review? to obtain my free shoe stretcher spray. I get 75% through the warranty questions, on the last one, post a review & poof, I’m kicked out of’s site. Tried twice with the QR code & now using my computer. If I can’t complete a simple warranty, free gift or not, not sure if I’m betting this product is going to last. Please don’t waste my time offering a “warranty” that may not exist. I was excited about this product, now I feel taken for $20+ dollars.

  30. Veronica Joseph

    It’s miss leading, how it works.

  31. Blanca Hartnett

    Pretty color. Very easy to use and follow directions. It came very quickly in the mail and it was a great price too.

  32. Nicole Davis

    I like the idea so far and well see how well it stretches by tom:) great price and love the pink

  33. Diane Louise Gould

    Super cute and easy to use. Love the color and design 😍

  34. Paulette Di Angi

    So far it is working slowly to stretch my shoes, but it is working. However, the long pink plastic item arrived broken, it appears the package was thrown around a lot by the looks of it upon delivery. Thank you

  35. Delfina Balza

    Love how easy it was to use there was no struggle to put it in my show or to wind it up.

  36. Sabrina Conner

    Just received it and so far so good. Very easy to use

  37. Donna Burroughs

    Price is good and works just like I wanted. The extra items with the product were a bonus

  38. Margie Holz

    I love how easy they are to use and that it comes with additional paddings for the sides and top

  39. Fran Torres

    I haven’t used it yet. I just opened the box but the reviews were good.

  40. Leticia Calves

    I like it so much I would recommend to friends and family too

  41. Cindy Winkle

    I am definitely a shoe and boot addict. Also happen to be a hairdresser who spends a lot of time on my feet. Many times have purchased shoes and boots that start to hurt early in my work day, sometimes I couldn’t even break them in to a good comfort level! Using the Kevenanna shoe stretcher along with the shoe stretch spray has opened up a whole new shoe world. I love it!

  42. Kasinda Brumfield

    Product arrived quickly. I’ve used it on a pair of booties already and it worked very well

  43. Eddie W Negron

    It is a magnificent product. I like its quality. I think this is a lifetime product. I just love it!

  44. Geneva Stafford

    So far I love it! Will hopefully help my shoes and my bunion

  45. Racquel Cooper

    For from flimsy and it’s simply to use.

  46. Adriana Washington

    Thankful for instructions and a free gift with warranty

  47. Kathy Pham

    I like the item a lot. My feet are wider than normal so the shoe stretcher makes my feet fit well

  48. Gina Krawietz

    I think this product is very pretty to look at and it works pretty good thus far. Only additional thought I have is that there could be a more detailed instruction manual included with the product for those who never used a shoe stretcher before.

  49. Darlene Meyers

    I have wide feet and need this stretcher to wear nice shoes. Thank you

  50. Kristian Carver

    So far it has been easy to use. Hopefully it will stretch my boots enough to wear them finally!

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