KevenAnna Wooden Shoe Stretcher for Men or Women

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  • 【TWO WAY STRETCHER】The Shoe Tree transforms any pair of shoes into perfectly fitting, comfortable shoes.
  • 【AVAILABLE FOR】These Shoe Stretcher Size LARGE available for: Woman’s Size 10–13.5, Man’s Size 8.5–12.
  • 【PRESSURE POINT RELIEF】These Cedar Shoe Tree have 12 Holes for Pressure Point Relief.
  • 【INCLUDED BUNION PLUGS】These Women Shoe Stretcher come with Packet of 8 Bunion/Corn Plugs.
  • 【EFFECTIVE】These Two Way Shoe Stretcher Men are tested effective for Hundreds of Times.



***KevenAnna Pair of Premium Professional 2-way Cedar Shoe Trees, Wooden Shoe Stretcher for Men or Women***

-The Shoe Tree transforms any pair of shoes into perfectly fitting, comfortable shoes.
-Don’t spend weeks breaking in new shoes! With these Cedar Shoe Tree, your shoes can be stretched both in width and length.
-The front and back section are made of highly polished beech wood, these outstanding Shoe Stretcher can be used for years to come.
-For the highest class of Women Shoe Stretcher, try the KevenAnna Premium Professional Two Way Shoe Stretcher today!


Your New Two-Way Shoe Stretcher Enables You to STRETHCH Both the Length & Width of a left or right shoe.
For Spot Stretching, simply insert any of the removable ‘Bunion & Corn’ Plugs in the appropriate holes where relief is required.

Turn plastic handle Clockwise to adjust length.
Continue to turn plastic handle Clockwise until you begin to see surface pressure showing on the shoe. DO NOT OVERSTRETCH!
Turn metal looped handle in a Clockwise direction until you begin to see surface pressure showing on the shoe. DO NOT OVERSTRETCH!

FOR BESE RESULTS, leave Stretcher in place for at least 24 hours. To REMOVE Stretcher, turn handles Counterclockwise.


Small : Woman’s Size 3.5–7
Medium: Woman’s Size 8–9.5 , Man’s Size 6.5–8
Large : Woman’s Size 10–13.5 , Man’s Size 8.5–12

Package Includes: 2pcs KevenAnna Shoe Stretcher.

456 reviews for KevenAnna Wooden Shoe Stretcher for Men or Women

  1. Richard Byrd

    Great product and worked great

  2. Silvia Martínez (Jonathan Wear)

    I love it. It’s good product I’ll keep buying more products from you

  3. Gerald Russoniello

    Just started using it seems well made hopefully I’ll have good rest

  4. Ruth Schmidt

    Very Good product. Easy to use. Does what it’s suppose too.

  5. Jose Ortiz

    i like the wood and metal design, it looks nice and works well

  6. Ferdinand Figueroa Jr

    Good product but need more testing since I just purchased it and it was delivered today.

  7. Ken Blackwell

    The product was easy to use and I will use it again for new shoes that don’t fit.

  8. David Frank, MD

    So far so good. Just got it etc etc etcetc

  9. David Ettel

    Would have preferred a metal screw rather than plastic one, but at that price it was acceptable. Haven’t used it yet.

  10. Charles Gosh

    The metal washer immediately failed and deformed. Product was purchased to expand the toe box at the widest part of the foot, but the design does not allow that. I bought another, simpler stretcher on Amazon to replace this one.


    Wry well made and easy to use! Love the pine smell!

  12. Ted Guzman

    Excellent construction, I love the wood design.

  13. Peter Haduch

    Hoping this product will stretch my new shoes to make them more comfortable.

  14. craig thomas

    So far so good. I have many pairs of shoes that I want to try this with so I don’t know for sure if it will work with all of them.

  15. Bruce Tierney

    I wish there were more hole locations in the shoe stretchers to insert the plastic pegs

  16. Mark Cho

    I have it yet to test it out. Hope this lasts for a long time.


    I love how you can move around the plugs for problem areas. Did not take long to stretch

  18. Scott Gramlich

    For the money it is decently made. I like the wood version better than the plastic versions that are out there as well. As long as the wood is sustainably harvested.

  19. Kelly M Plumer

    Nicely made. Easy to use. The reviews said how good these worked . Made of cedar so it will keep them refreshed!



  21. Sheryl Williams

    I purchased this product in order to stretch one shoe from a new pair of Hoka’s to accommodate a bunion.

  22. Sabrina Marie Murcia

    Easy to use, great quality, fast delivery

  23. Cherylee Sawmiller

    Seems to work well. It is well made and sturdy

  24. William Welch

    I added some holes near the top to stretch the top of the shoe over an old injury and it worked within two days.

  25. Danielle mckenzie

    I didn’t tried for awhile yet. Looking forward to it

  26. Karen Laubert

    My husband is using the product right now to stretch out some new work shoes. He found it easy to use and says it is working well.

  27. Sue Geramian

    It is functional. Can be used on multiple items. Arrived in good condition.

  28. Wayne Miller

    Helping with my bunion after just a few days.

  29. Venetia Daniel

    There was some material flaws in the wood, some splits, will see how it goes

  30. Jack Butler

    Eas to use, did what easy to use and preforms as advertised was advertised

  31. Marilu Solis

    A need for breaking I dress or work shoes!

  32. Cassava Hoshor-Melson

    Just tried this type of product for the 1st time. I like that you can use the product to stretch the width and length.

  33. Anna Myles

    This shoe stretcher is high quality, and comes with a lifetime warranty which is great. I purchased for some shoes that are a bit too tight, and stretched them out for a couple days. Thankfully they are starting to stretch out a bit finally which is good news. At first all the parts seem overwhelming but I am glad I go this product.

  34. Cj

    Seems good so far, I just set my first pair of shoes do we will see how it goes.

  35. Barbara Hansborough

    I like the fact that the shoe stretchers are real wood and that two way stretch is perfect. I would recommend this product to friends and family.

  36. Brandy Blatche

    I love the fact that they are made of wood and metal. The other stretchers I viewed were all plastic. These wood shoe stretchers are easy to use and sturdy.

  37. Shariq Farooqi

    I used the product to extend my shoe, it did a pretty good job

  38. Jennifer Pomar

    Did a great job at stretching the shoes!

  39. Richard Bartosh

    I like them so far, seems like a item that is built to last. I’m tired of buying plastic that does not last

  40. Sandy Brown

    I just received the product today however, I do like the design and functionality. not sure if the wood is cedar or pine, the order details said cedar, but it doesn’t smell like pine. If they stretch the shoe well, i will tell all my friends and family. I have a wide (EE) foot, so my shoes are expensive and I’m really into taking care of them.

  41. harold jasperson

    nothing to comment seems to do the job that i purchased it for.

  42. Bill McVeigh

    I like it because it is a wood product.

  43. Vincent Summo

    Great Product, Great Price, Good Build Quality seems to work well so far. Very Happy with my purchase

  44. Diane Roll

    Very nice shoe stretcher; more functions than the one I bought at the shoe store.

  45. Lydia claycomb

    Excited to usenitvwrh excited about this. So glad I found this company


    Stretched shoes very well!! Would easily reccomend to friends and family. Cheap shoe stretcher. Really good for the money! 10/10

  47. Maria Soniga

    I’m having a hard time widening up the one stretcher.

  48. Murtatha Alkhalaf

    I just received the item
    Still didn’t try it
    Will try and write my review

  49. Alfonso Ochoa

    We barely started testing it out and will continue to use for its usefulness

  50. Beberlyn Meza

    It’s a great product from what I read in the reviews. I also enjoyed the info provided in YouTube videos regarding a wooden option opposed to plastic.

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