KevenAnna Wooden Shoe Stretcher for Men or Women

(531 customer reviews)

  • 【TWO WAY STRETCHER】The Shoe Tree transforms any pair of shoes into perfectly fitting, comfortable shoes.
  • 【AVAILABLE FOR】These Shoe Stretcher Size LARGE available for: Woman’s Size 10–13.5, Man’s Size 8.5–12.
  • 【PRESSURE POINT RELIEF】These Cedar Shoe Tree have 12 Holes for Pressure Point Relief.
  • 【INCLUDED BUNION PLUGS】These Women Shoe Stretcher come with Packet of 8 Bunion/Corn Plugs.
  • 【EFFECTIVE】These Two Way Shoe Stretcher Men are tested effective for Hundreds of Times.



***KevenAnna Pair of Premium Professional 2-way Cedar Shoe Trees, Wooden Shoe Stretcher for Men or Women***

-The Shoe Tree transforms any pair of shoes into perfectly fitting, comfortable shoes.
-Don’t spend weeks breaking in new shoes! With these Cedar Shoe Tree, your shoes can be stretched both in width and length.
-The front and back section are made of highly polished beech wood, these outstanding Shoe Stretcher can be used for years to come.
-For the highest class of Women Shoe Stretcher, try the KevenAnna Premium Professional Two Way Shoe Stretcher today!


Your New Two-Way Shoe Stretcher Enables You to STRETHCH Both the Length & Width of a left or right shoe.
For Spot Stretching, simply insert any of the removable ‘Bunion & Corn’ Plugs in the appropriate holes where relief is required.

Turn plastic handle Clockwise to adjust length.
Continue to turn plastic handle Clockwise until you begin to see surface pressure showing on the shoe. DO NOT OVERSTRETCH!
Turn metal looped handle in a Clockwise direction until you begin to see surface pressure showing on the shoe. DO NOT OVERSTRETCH!

FOR BESE RESULTS, leave Stretcher in place for at least 24 hours. To REMOVE Stretcher, turn handles Counterclockwise.


Small : Woman’s Size 3.5–7
Medium: Woman’s Size 8–9.5 , Man’s Size 6.5–8
Large : Woman’s Size 10–13.5 , Man’s Size 8.5–12

Package Includes: 2pcs KevenAnna Shoe Stretcher.

531 reviews for KevenAnna Wooden Shoe Stretcher for Men or Women

  1. robert pellegrino

    Appears to be a quality product. I am looking forward to using them successfully.Seems well made also.

  2. Ebern Dobbin

    I wanted a solid wood set for the durability. I just received them today so I really haven’t used them long enough to see results but they are perfect

  3. Ej

    I like the way It stretches my shoes

  4. Ingegerd Franberg

    It is working the way I(we) had hoped for.

  5. Tony H Davis

    It’s all good……………………….!

  6. Kimberly Parman

    They are GREAT! With so much inflammation with my cancer I have gone up to Size 11 and these really did the job. The narrow toe area really made my canvas shoes wider. Great product. Would buy again😊

  7. Beverly Camp

    I bought it to stretch one shoe. I am however happy that it came as a pair for possible future use.

  8. Wendy Wei

    Not sure if both stretcher supposed to L and R shoe but looks like I got 2 of the R shoes. But still works.

  9. Douglas A. Morris

    As an avid tennis player, I know firsthand just how much damage you can do to your feet wearing I’ll-fitting shoes on the tennis court. As someone with wider foot than most brands account for, your product will make a huge difference every time I I buy new tennis shoes and step on court!

  10. Sharon Matherne

    Great quality and easy to use. Works as expected.

  11. Maribel Gutierrez Ortiz

    It seems like a good option to stretch out my shoes that I am not able to wear comfortable because of my bunions, I’ve been looking for a product like this for a long time. I am happy to have found this product at such a good price and with these specifications.

  12. George DeMeglio

    While the shoe stretcher helped, i was hoping for more. Maybe I’ll get that when I add the spray on shoe stretch

  13. Josue Martinez

    Worked on first 24hr stretch, will use again.

  14. Susan Paterno

    I really love it because to will stretch the shoe so I can wear them. It is a good price foe what it does.

  15. Russell Bennett

    I have them in action now they seem wonderful.

  16. Marie Czekaj

    Product seems to be made extremely well

  17. Johanna Lyons

    I really like it a lot to stretch my shoes that are too tight the stretches make them feel more comfortable great product love it

  18. Thomas carr

    Better instructions with more pictures and phone number for help.

  19. Richard Matteis

    The product is well made and looks like it will definitely last much longer than a plastic version I’ve previously owned from another manufacturer. I also like the additional bunion plugs included.

  20. David Gorson

    Just got it so hard to say. Looking forward to using this

  21. efim

    soft metal round
    too soft
    had bended

  22. Rafael Dominguez

    I came damaged and fir the reason could not used it

  23. Derrick Berry

    I’ll be ordering morellos be ordering more.

  24. John krystofik

    The wood of the device brake very easy and it’s not posible to use it again…

  25. Seth Pierre

    The shoe stretcher is very nice. Wish it had more holes for targeted relief.

  26. Andrew Orozco

    The shoe tree/stretchers seem like they are extremely durably built. Looking forward to seeing this product work on both my shows and several paid of my boots.

  27. James Brown

    Haven’t had the product long enough to evaluate yet

  28. Parker Blevins

    Good product. It would be better with a wider selection of plastic inserts.

  29. Corey Prinz

    Easy to use product. And works really well for the purposes intended. Helped to expand a shoe up a full size.

  30. Don Race

    So far so good waiting for the spray to fully finish. The stretchers seem very well bad they are made in China!!!!!!!!!!!!

  31. Jason Tudor

    This product was purchased at Amazon to stretch boots and shoes so they fit better.

  32. Don ODay

    Just started to use. Not sure how well it will work but quality seems good

  33. Joey Postel

    Seems well built and shipped fast. It does length and width so that’s a bonus

  34. Sam Saunders

    Works well to stretch from front to back, But could be bigger to stretch the witdth of the shoe.

  35. Amanda Wells

    It’s seems really sturdy and will definitely do the job

  36. Richard Carroll Sr

    I can’t say much about it. So far I like what I see.

  37. Danielle Foley

    I have only just put it in the shoe, so I do not have a strong feeling about the product. Once I have tried it for a little while, I will have more thoughts on it.

  38. Desmond John

    Very neat and functional. The delivery was good there was no problems with my order or with my delivery.

  39. Adam Binns

    Looks great so far! I’m glad I came across these during my search!!!

  40. vincent Starace

    Look very well made and I am sure it will do the job

  41. Bon Koo

    Only part that I do not like about the product is that it does not have any bunion hole on the cuboid bone section.

  42. Melissa Vogt

    I’ve just started using them. I love that they come as a pair vs singles. One of the stretchers seems to not want to open very well in width. I need to see how that one does after 24 hours of stretching.

  43. Evan John

    Chose this product because it was wooden when most others were plastic!

  44. Farah Diba Martinez

    I can see your product I’d very effective and I had seen results very very fast!

  45. Agustin jr Ortega

    They work amazing so far and have made my shoes feel better

  46. donald L ventresca

    it is great its ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok

  47. Ron Victorino

    This is the best shoe stretcher I’ve used.
    Have only used a few days. This product is much better than the old one I have.

  48. Olga Blankson

    I just received this product yesterday. It seems to already be stretching my shoes, but we’ll see how it goes.

  49. Phanice Woodrow-Henry

    Really like the connections to target my problem area, due to the bunion on my right foot. Very easy to insert and expand the foot shoe stretcher.


    Good Product – Easy to Use Right Out of The Box and the accessories are aligned to handle various adjustments requiring separate locations adjustment to the fitment of shoes… helps with shoe break in very well !!!

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